October 11th, 2011

Facebook Question: What have you gotten with your credit card rewards?

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Credit cards aren’t all bad, if you know how to use ‘em. Our Facebook community seems to know how to get the most out of their rewards credit cards. Here are a few of the best rewards they’ve gotten with their credit cards.

credit card rewards

“A 32” HDTV.” Ryan P.

“Nothing is better than money! So, cashback.” Chad P.

“About $200 a year in free groceries.” Mary M.

“I should go for the $50 credit to my account, but I usually treat myself to the $50 Starbucks card instead, since it’s ‘found’ money.” Valerie G.

“A full tank of gas.” Henry H.

“My dad got a Nook last year, and now he’s getting an iPod.” Krysti A.

“$100 bonus cash from Chase Freedom for spending $500 within three months. A couple of months bills that would have otherwise been paid in cash, and that was easy.” Martin B.

“Lots of cash.” Beth M.

“200 bucks worth of gift cards that were 20 or 10 percent off through Chase Freedom cards.” Andrey K.

“$50 worth of gas on average a year.” Scott S.

“A roundtrip within the U.S.” Bharath S.

“About $3k in cash back. Double points rock!” Mark F.

What have you gotten with your credit card rewards? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!

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