November 8th, 2013

Link Roundup: 3 Areas Not to Overlook as You Financially Prepare for Next Year


3 Areas Not to Overlook as You Financially Prepare for Next Year


3 Areas Not to Overlook as You Financially Prepare for Next Year “Whether you believe it or not, we are just a short seven short weeks or so from ringing in 2014. If you’re like me, you may feel like this year has flown by and the prospect of a new year is a bit on the nutty side. While it is crazy, I like to be prepared and the impending new year is a great reminder that it’s a perfect opportunity to look at how we can financially prepare for the dawn of a new calendar year.” Narrow Bridge Finance

Financial Lessons That Stand The Test Of Time “Follow me into the time machine as I go back through the financial lessons life has taught me that have never gone bad and stand the test of time.” Money Plan SOS

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November 4th, 2013

4 Conversations Couples Should Have About Money

4 Conversations Couples Should Have About Money TH

Let’s face it. There are more romantic conversations to have with your partner than one about finances. But the “money talk” is important to have, no matter what stage your relationship is in. Financial problems can cause tension between partners-- surveys often find money is the number one reason couples argue. So how to do you know what money conversations you should be having with your partner? This really varies depending on how long you guys have been together. Here are some suggested conversations for different stages of your relationship:

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November 1st, 2013

Link Roundup: How to ‘Trick’ Yourself Into Keeping on Budget

How to ‘Trick’ Yourself Into Keeping on Budget th

How to ‘Trick’ Yourself Into Keeping on Budget "Are you good at sticking to your budget, or like some of us, do you need help controlling your spending when it comes to keeping on track with a budget? Sitting down and planning a regular budget is a good way to keep track of money, but not if you play games with yourself and overspend each month. Learn how to trick yourself into spending less and saving more with these strategies." My Bank Tracker

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October 29th, 2012

Master Your Money in 1 Hour Per Month

Master Your Money in 1 Hour Per Month th

How many experts have you heard tell you to “keep a budget”? Why don’t they ever acknowledge that almost nobody keeps a budget consistently? After all, why would we? Keeping a budget makes us feel bad about our purchases. Even worse, it’s backwards-looking, which means we simply look at our spending, shrug, and say, “I guess I spent that much.” “Keep a budget” is the kind of advice personal-finance writers love to write...but few people actually follow.

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October 17th, 2012

Living in an Instant Gratification Society

latte th

Have you gone out for coffee recently and used an iPhone app to pay for it? How about sending a text message to a cab company to send a car to your exact location? There’s no doubt about it, we are now living in an instant gratification society. Phones come as fully loaded as a laptop and just about anyone can go through a drive through to not only get food, but to get coffee, a car wash, or who knows what else. Having everything we want and need at our fingertips can only be a good thing, right? Not necessarily...

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July 27th, 2012

More Consumers Creating Budgets for Back-to-School Shopping – from Chase Slate and Blueprint

chase slate survey

Looks like we're getting smarter when it comes to back-to-school shopping. Chase Slate with Blueprint released its third annual survey findings on how shoppers are managing their back-to-school spending and borrowing.

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November 23rd, 2011

Black Friday 2011: Deals, death and other reasons for and against braving the crowds

black friday th

It’s the most thrilling day of the year for avid shoppers. It’s Black Friday, and it’ll be here in just a couple of days. The way I see it, there are reasons for and against braving the stores this Friday. Let’s take a look at both.

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November 14th, 2011

Cyber Monday 2011: Tips From Personal Finance Bloggers

cyber monday th

Is it too early to be talking about holiday sales? That’s not what your local mall thinks. Every retailer in America has been planning for the largest online shopping day of the year since sales passed the $1 billion mark last year. That’s right; Cyber Monday will be here on November 28. In just two weeks, we’ll be powering up our PCs and Macs, armed with a credit card and—hopefully—a shopping list. We’ve put together a few quick tips to help you prepare for this epic online shopping day.

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November 12th, 2011

The Most Money I’ve Ever Spent

beach small

Here’s some financial advice we don’t hear enough: spend your money. The best financial motivation isn’t to focus on making, saving, or investing money—instead, focus on spending it. What could I have done with an extra windfall of cash? I could have spent the money paying down my credit card debt, made an extra payment on my loans, or pumped up my savings, like most financial blogs would advise. Instead, I decided to spend it, which makes it the most money I’ve ever spent at one time. It was, without a doubt, the right financial decision.

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October 14th, 2011

Holiday Shopping 2011 Do’s and Don’ts

holiday shopping th

It’s only October and many of you might still be searching for a Halloween costume. But the holidays will be upon us before you know it, and retailers will make sure we’re ready to shop with ads and offers starting right now.

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